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Jenving Supra HD5/S

HDMI Han HDMI Han 2m

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2 m


  • 4 screened twisted pairs of solid OFC conductors improve the high frequency response for wide-bandwidth and efficient signal transfer
  • Heavy double layer shielding
  • 0.8 micron thick 24k gold-plated contacts on connectors deliver long term reliability
  • Small form factor cable


High resolution picture and sound
We often meet scepticism when we talk about HDMI cables. ”Does it really matter?” ”I mean, it’s only a data stream? Yes, it is a stream of digital bits. Yes, it does matter. Unfortunately there is an intermediate state before the signal is so corrupt it cannot be read and blanks out. Many claim that if the screen shows, the signal is good enough. There is circuitry in the receiver which tries to repair broken data stream by buffering and error correction, but this is based on best possible estimates and is not necessarily what was sent. You might experience sync problems (delays), distorted colorations, insufficient blackness, noise and unexplainable audible pops during which the hardware is working overtime trying to repair the fragile bitstream. Do your precious hardware the best possible favour you can by connecting it using SUPRA HDMI cables and both you and your equipment will fully enjoy the show.

SUPRA High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable (v2.0)

High Speed with Ethernet

xv Color
Signal Bandwidth: 1100 MHz
TMDS Bandwidth: 18 Gbit/s
Color Depth: 48 bit/px
4K x 2K Resolution support: Enables video resolutions far beyond 1080p.
4096 x 2160@60Hz 1-10m, 4096 x 2160@24/30Hz 12-20m
Deep Color, x.v.Color
Auto Lip Sync
Dolby TrueHD, DT-HD Master Audio
3D over HDMI
Audio Return Channel
Ethernet Channel


Kontakttype venstre HDMI
Type til venstrekontakt Han
Kontakttype højre HDMI
Type til højrekontakt Han
AV-kabeltype Video/audiokabel
Understøttede grænseflader HDMI
Teknologi Dobbelt skærmet partråd
Mål og vægt
Længde 2 m

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Rigtig godt køb, der er bare pisse godt HDMI kabel. Præcist lige så godt som alle de andre! Helt sikkert alle pengene værd, og så for hele 2 meter! Slå til lige nu!!

Från: kunde - 2014-06-10 12:24:42