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The cables that you use when connecting your computer to ATEN's MasterView KVM switches play a very important role in the quality of the communication between the PCs and the MasterView unit. ATEN's custom made cables are designed to provide the highest signal capacity along with the lowest signal loss. What this means, to you as the consumer, is that you will receive the highest quality video output even in the higher SuperVGA video modes. Without high-quality cables your system performance can be seriously inhibited. ATEN has invested millions of dollars into cable manufacturing to ensure the highest quality cables at the lowest possible cost. All ATEN cables are double shielded to prevent RF interference even in the most electronically noisy environments.This cable is designed only for MasterView Pro with CS1xxx part numbers.


Producent ATEN Technology
Kompatibilitet Pc
Underkategori kabler Andre
Kabeltype Datakabel
Type til venstrekontakt Hun
Kontakttype venstre 25-pin D-Sub (DB-25)
Type til højrekontakt Han
Kontakttype højre D-Sub 25-pin
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