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Ergonomisk design
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  • Monitoring of Heart Rate, movement and activity data
  • Heart Rate and Galvanic Skin Response Sensor (GSR)
  • In-game visualization overlay
  • Open developer APIs
  • 12000 native DPI optical sensor (PMW-3360)
  • Four layers of dark grey rubber coating ensures maximum grip and natural touch and feel
  • 1ms Response Time, 1000Hz Polling Rate


  • 32bit ARM Cortex M3 processor operating at 32Mhz
  • 128kB built in memory to store settings in up to 5 profiles
  • Angle Tuning: adjustment of X/Y rotation angle to counter hand sweep angle and improve accuracy
  • Angle Snapping
  • 7 fully programmable buttons
  • In-game 5 step DPI adjustment
  • Customizable LED lighting system with lighting effects and up to 16.8 Million color options


The Naos QG (Quantified Gaming) is a next generation gaming mouse that measures the user’s biometric information and movement data. By monitoring heart rate and activity in real time via multiple sensors, the Naos QG provides valuable, interesting and fun insights that create a richer user experience.

Downloadable Mionix Hub configuration software lets users fully customize their Naos QG and review the data captured over a selected period. This makes it easy for users to analyze their behavior over time and identify patterns. The data is stored and can be shared through social media channels.

The sophisticated software is complemented by an in-game overlay that shows heart rate and relevant data during games and desktop applications and makes the Naos QG an unique tool for streamers and video creators.

The Naos QG features a set of APIs that is open to developers. Users can easily create their own applications or mods to unlock the full potential of the Naos QG.

128kB onboard memory allow storage of data directly on the mouse and a lightning fast 32bit ARM™ Cortex M3 processor enables the Naos QG to have many features without compromising the tracking ability of the optical sensor.

Its unique award winning ergonomic shape is developed for a full palm grip with support for all five fingers and the new dark grey four layer rubber coating makes it a pleasure to use and an eye catcher on the desk.

The Naos QG sports the new PMW-3360 optical sensor with no positive or negative hardware acceleration, amazing accuracy, smooth tracking, and a maximum speed of 7.6m/sec (250 IPS) all the way up to 12000 DPI.


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