HPE VMware vCenter Operations Standard

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  • vCenter Operations provides cross team views for real-time performance, capacity and configuration management
  • Performance data is abstracted to health, workload and capacity risk measures that allow IT to efficiently identify building performance problems with less effort
  • Out of the box templates to ensure continuous compliance with security best practices, hardening guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Infrastructure and operations analytics eliminate time consuming problem resolution processes through automated root cause analysis
  • On-demand analytics allow optimization of the IT infrastructure without "tribal knowledge"
  • Capacity analytics eliminate the need for spreadsheets, simple scripts and rules of thumb
  • Capacity analytics allow identification of over-provisioned resources so they can be right-sized to make more efficient use of compute power


  • Automated provisioning and configuration analysis detects unwanted changes and helps IT maintain continuous compliance with operational best practices and regulatory
  • Self-learning performance analytics identify building performance problems before they affect end users
  • Identifies capacity shortfalls before they affect end users
  • Real-time, integrated dashboards of performance, capacity and configuration change events allow a proactive management approach and help ensure SLAs are met
  • Assures compliance with policy control across all aspects of the datacenter infrastructure, virtual or physical


VMware vCenter Operations uses patented analytics and powerful visualizations to automate performance, capacity and configuration management. It collects and analyzes performance data, correlates abnormalities and identifies the root cause of building performance problems. VMware vCenter Operations provides capacity management to optimize resource usage and policy-based configuration management to assure compliance and eliminate sprawl and configuration drift.


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