Lenovo Seagate ST500LM012

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The Seagate Momentus 2.5 inch hard disk drive is high capacity, high performance random access storage device, which uses non-removable 2.5-inch disks as storage media. This disk incorporates thin film metallic media technology for enhanced performance and reliability. And for this disk surface there is a corresponding movable head actuator assembly to randomly access the data tracks and write or read the user data.The Momentus hard disk drive includes the AT controller embedded in the disk drive PCB electronics. The drive's electrical interface is compatible with all mandatory, optional and vendor-specific commands within the ATA specification.The Momentus hard disk drive incorporates TuMR head and noise predictive PRML (Partial Response Maximum Likelihood) signal processing technologies. These advanced technologies allow for areal density of about 700.0 Gigabits per square inch and storage capacity of over 500.0 Gigabytes per disk. The disk and actuator housing are environmentally sealed within an aluminum-alloy base and cover. As the disks spin, air circulates within this base and cover, commonly referred to as the head and disk assembly (HDA), through a non-replaceable absolute filter ensuring a contamination free environment for the heads and disks throughout the life of the drive.


Producent Lenovo
Antal pakker 1
Model ST500LM012
Produktserie Seagate
Harddisk og lagring
Bufferstørrelse 16 MB
Harddiskkapacitet 500 GB
Dataoverførselshastighed 300 MBps
Formfaktor x højde 2.5" x 1/8H
Formfaktor (metrisk) 6.4 cm x 1/8H
Formfaktor 2.5"
Formfaktor (kort) (metrisk) 6.4 cm
Harddisktype Intern harddisk
Grænseflade SATA-300
RPM 5400 rpm
Type Mekanisk HDD
Mål og vægt
Ydermål højde 0.95 cm
Form Factor 2.5" x 1/8H