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Startech Removable 2.5" SATA HDD Backup System for 3.5/5.25" Bay

2.5" SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0 Sort

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  • SAT2510U3REM


Turn a 2.5in SATA drive into a front bay mounted removable HDD backup solution. The SAT2510U3REM Removable 2.5" SATA HDD Backup System/Mobile Rack turns a 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD drive into a removable hard drive that can also be used externally as a normal USB 3.0 enclosure.This 2.5" SATA removable hard drive bay can be mounted into any 3.5" or 5.25" front bay, to provide a hot-swap capable mobile rack. Drives can then be easily installed and removed from the computer system without having to open the computer case every time, providing a convenient method of creating backups that can then be removed for safe keeping/archiving.When outside of the drive bay, the enclosure can be used as a standard external USB 3.0 hard drive with up to 5 Gbps of data transfer bandwidth (10x more than USB 2.0). This makes the removable 2.5" hard drive bay an excellent accessory for people working with very large files and need to take them on the road.For even more versatility, StarTech.com offers the SAT2510U3S, an extra 2.5in SATA Hard Drive Enclosure for the SAT2510U3REM, providing multiple enclosures that can be swapped in and out of the main computer. The SAT2510U3REM is also backward compatible with the USB 2.0 model, SAT2510U2S.


Producent StarTech.com
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Interface SATA 6Gb/s, USB 3.0
Grænseflade USB 3.0 / SATA 6Gb/s
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Understøttede enheder Harddisk, Solid state drev
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Medfølgende kabler 1 x USB 3.0 cable ¦ 1 x Serial ATA cable ¦ 1 x power 15 pin SATA to 4 pin adapter ¦ 1 x floppy adapter
Understøttet OS Linux, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64 bits), Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Microsoft Windows XP (32/64 bits), Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (32/64-bits), Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
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