8200dpi Laser Mus

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Since your mouse is the critical link between you and the game you want to win, you need the best you can get. To deliver on this promise, the QPAD 8K features a multitude of improvements including a new, more advanced sensor, a more powerful CPU, more memory and mouse software, which is highly intuitive and provides gamers with the extra edge.The 8K also boasts the award-winning five-finger grip, giving you the comfort and feel of coiled power. But the real power kicks in with the ensor, which pictures the surface with a shutter speed of 12,000 frames per second covering an area of 30x30 pixels per frame. This generates an image of 10.8 MB data in processing power per second. Underlying this is 8200 true CPI and advanced 32-bit ARM processor controller unit to optimize the tracking performance.The 8K mouse features seven programmable buttons for profiles, sensitivity, shortcuts, keys and macro recordings you can accurately move at speeds of up to 3.8 meter per second without losing tracking abilities. And the QPAD Glidz mouse feet are pre-mounted.The QPAD 8K supports Plug & Play for easy installation. No drivers are needed and it carries 128kb on board memory that will store your personal profile settings.On top of all this, the left and right buttons from Omron are improved to last 20 million clicks with a distinctive feedback. Last but not least you can personalize your color settings. The QPAD 8K delivers where it matters: in both feel and performance.The kicker for many will be 16.8 million color variations made possible by the mouse's RGB LED lights, giving you the flexibility to suit your mood or the products you already have. Also, the advanced macro recording has been improved from the previous version. It's the mouse that roared!


Fabrikant QPAD
Model 8K
Farve Sort
Forbindelsesteknologi Kabling
Bevægelsesopløsning (DPI) 8200 dpi
Teknologi i detektering af bevægelse Laser
Antal knapper 7
Oversigt Højrehåndet
Produkttype Mus
Interface USB
Præstation 30 G maksimum acceleration, 12000 fps, 1000 rapporter per sekund, 150 tommer per sekund, 10,8 megapixels per sekund, Realtids følsomhedsswitching 50 - 8200 cpi
Egenskaber Programmerbare knapper, Omstillelig opløsning, Gyldent UBS stik, Femfinger-greb, ARM 72MHz 32-bit processor, OMRON-kontakter, 16,8 million multifarvet oplysning, Rullehjul
Hukommelse 128 KB
Kabellængde 2 m
Overensstemmelsesstandarder Plug and Play