Fujitsu Ericom PowerTerm WBT

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  • Session manager for pre-configuring sessions
  • Power script language for recording tasks
  • Drag and drop tools for quick data accessibility
  • SSL for secure terminal emulation sessions
  • SSH for secure terminal emulation sessions
  • Kerberos for single sign-on and secure terminal emulation sessions
  • SFTP for secure file transfer


  • Built-in trace facility which captures all communications between the device and the legacy system for quick problem solving
  • Multiple printing options


PowerTerm WBT (Windows Based Terminals) is Ericom Software's embedded thin client terminal emulation product. It provides an effective and efficient way of connecting to legacy applications. By embedding this feature-rich product in their thin clients, manufacturers save space on their flash memory chips (DiskOnChip), resulting in less money spent on chips.This Ericom's embedded thin client terminal emulation product may even eliminate the need for expensive servers such as Citrix or Terminal Server Editions. Because the product is so small, manufacturers do not need multiple product lines, reducing the costs associated with complicated maintenance.PowerTerm WBT is designed to provide complete choices in a compact package, guided by the goal of streamlining workflow. For example, graphical drag and drop keyboard mapping enables users to map host keys to the regular keyboard using their mouse, letting users design their own experience.With Power Script Language users can automate repetitive tasks, freeing valuable time. Ericom's embedded thin client terminal emulation product makes financial sense for manufactures and provides users with a powerful, robust terminal emulation solution.


Producent Fujitsu
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