Aten CS1184

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ATEN Technology
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  • One USB console controls 4 secure computers
  • NIAP-certified - validated to Common Criteria EAL2+ security requirements
  • Restricted USB connectivity - non HIDs (Human Interface Devices) are ignored when switching
  • Isolated channel per port - makes it impossible for data to be transferred between computers
  • Tamper-evident tape - provides a visual indication of any attempt to gain access to the switch's internal components
  • Chassis intrusion detection - if the cover is removed from the switch, the unit becomes inoperable and the LEDs flash
  • Tamper-proof hardware - all integrated circuits are soldered directly to the circuit board to prevent tampering with the components


  • Non-reprogrammable ROM - prevents tampering and attempts to reprogram the switch's firmware
  • Clears keyboard buffer - keyboard data is automatically cleared after transmission to the switch
  • Video DynaSync - stores the console monitor's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to optimize display resolution
  • Multiplatform support
  • Superior video quality
  • Rugged metal enclosure
  • Built-in internal power


The ATEN CS1184 4-port USB DVI dual-link secure KVM switch offers secure and reliable access for any government/military desktop environment where security is imperative by providing safe switching between computers operating on different secure networks. NIAP-certified according to Common Criteria's EAL2+ certification, the CS1184 provides 4-port models for secure desktop workstation use.Hardware security includes tamper-evident tape, chassis intrusion detection, and tamper-proof hardware, while software security includes restricted USB connectivity - non HIDs (Human Interface Devices) are ignored when switching - an isolated channel per port that makes it impossible for data to be transferred between secure and unsecure computers, and automatic clearing of the keyboard buffer.By combining physical security with controlled USB connectivity, the CS1184 gives you the means to consolidate multiple workstations of various security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) console.


Konsol-tilslutninger 1 stk
Konsollens mus-/tastatur-tilslutning USB
Konsolskærm-tilslutning DVI-D
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Computererns mus-/tastatur-tilslutning USB
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3,5 mm lydkontakt, hun 4 stk
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Antal brugere 1 stk
KVM-Over-IP Nej
Automatisk switch Ja
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Maksimal opløsning 2560 x 1600
19" format Nej
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Dimensioner (B x H x D) 16,9 cm x 6,09 cm x 34,9 cm
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