Be Quiet Be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 3

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16.3 cm
Blæser diameter
135 mm/120 mm


  • Improved dynamic wave-contour cooling fins with small dots on the surface increase air circulation and contribute to high convection efficiency without raising overall noise
  • Enhanced double-tower layout offers reduced weight and enables high cooling power
  • Seven high-performance heat pipes with copper lining and aluminum caps carry heat to the optimal location on the cooling fins, maximizing heat conductance
  • The immensely high cooling capacity of 250 W TDP offers low temperature even at peak performance
  • Aarrangement of heat pipes enhances the cooling capability
  • Two SilentWings PWM fans with advanced copper core fluid dynamic bearing and dynamically-balanced impeller provide optimal cooling with deep serenity
  • Inner 135 mm SilentWings PWM fan features nine airflow-optimized fan blades and an innovative 6-pole motor for smoother operation and less vibration


  • Decoupled fan mount with vibration-isolating elements on the heat sink
  • Completely dark nickel-plated heat sink
  • Brushed aluminum top cover with high-grade diamond cut finish


Dark Rock CPU coolers have long been category leaders, and the significantly upgraded Dark Rock Pro 3 is even more powerful. This virtually inaudible double-tower CPU cooler puts famous be quiet! SilentWings technology in your PC where it really counts. They are excellent for overclocked systems and demanding multi-graphics platforms.Dark Rock Pro 3 offers top performance-to-noise ratio and the high reliability available. Improved cooling efficiency and really silent operation mean this cooler strikes the perfect balance between cooling and serenity - truly silence and performance without compromises.


Kølertype Fan
Understøtter stikkontakt AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+, 775, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011
Kølerhastighed 1700 RPM
Kølerstørrelse 135 x 135 mm
Luftstrømning 113,8 KFM
Antal ventilatorer 2 stk
Tilslutning 4-Pin PWM
Generel information
Dimensioner (H x B x D) 137 mm x 150 mm x 163 mm
Vægt 1197 g
Garantiservice 3 år