Enfocus Software PitStop Pro 12

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Windows, OS X
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  • Convert fonts to outlines
  • Changing fonts in a PDF
  • Editing text in a PDF
  • Cut & paste text between PDF's
  • Resize and reflow text and images
  • Convert image color space
  • Edit images


  • Place, replace and remove images
  • Add printer marks & page numbers to a PDF
  • Check the image resolution in a PDF
  • Convert RGB images to CMYK in a PDF
  • Detect and convert spot colors to CMYK
  • Knockout white text in a PDF


PitStop Pro 12 is your pocket knife for PDF preflight & editing.As a publishing professional, you know that PDF files can be troublesome to work with. They are not generated as expected, do not output as expected and more often than not you have to edit the PDF even though Adobe Acrobat does not support it.PitStop Pro now brings you a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that offers the solution to those problems. From now on editing a PDF will be a piece of cake!PitStop Pro comes with an impressive array of PDF editing tools: edit text, images and line-art, embed missing fonts, even if you don't have the font.Fixing last-minute problems is now a mere matter of seconds. Even when the problem is more complicated or production oriented, PitStop Pro still has the right tool for the job.Imagine being able to apply a template with correct trim and bleed boxes to a PDF document while at the same time inserting the printer marks you want.PitStop Pro was developed specifically for use in a demanding, deadline-driven professional publishing environment. It won't let you down when a deadline looms and you have to fix things quickly and efficiently.The built-in industry-standard PDF preflight engine checks all aspects of your PDF files to detect missing or corrupt fonts, incorrect colors, objects without bleed and much more...It supports standards such as PDF/X, the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and the profiles created by your user association, publisher or printer. You can generate a full preflight report that lists all problems found in your files or you can choose to use the navigator to pinpoint the exact error object. The navigator can often even fix the problems for you.When working with long documents or to fix problems across a number of pages in a PDF file, global changes come to the rescue.Each global change can be customized to do exactly what you need and accomplishes changes automatically across a complete PDF file.Apply stamps, insert cover pages, renumber pages, convert all colors... all done in just seconds.


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