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Iogear Long Range Wireless Combo GKM552R - tastatur og mus-sæt

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  • GKM552R


Ergonomisk design
Tastatur og mus-sæt


  • 2.4 GHz wireless to use from up to 33 feet away from USB receiver
  • Accidental liquid spills and splashes will harmlessly drain out of your keyboard
  • Precision ergonomic 5-button mouse
  • DPI switch allows you to adjust mouse sensitivity to your preferences
  • Comfortably scroll Web pages, click forward/backward online conveniently
  • Energy efficient technology doubles keyboard and mouse battery life
  • Weight control energy management


  • Use one or two batteries, depending if you prefer a lighter or heavier mouse
  • Caps lock, number lock, and battery status LED indicator
  • Volume control and pause hot keys


IOGEAR's Long Range 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo is the perfect pair for your home or office computer needs. The low-profile, slim design of the keyboard and the ergonomic feel of the mouse give your computing experience stylish comfort. Connect to your computer from up to 33 feet away. Simply plug the wireless adapter into your computers' USB port.This duo fits perfectly in the home or office setting. Clumsy coffee spills over the keyboard will not hinder your productivity. The liquid will exit the keyboard through strategically placed drainage holes.IOGEAR'S Energy Management technology will preserve battery life when your keyboard and mouse are not in use. After about 8 minutes of inactivity, your keyboard and mouse will go in "sleep mode" - saves battery life. Under normal operating conditions, the battery life for the keyboard and mouse should last up to a year.


Tilslutning USB
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Sproglayout USA
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