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Maxell LTOU4/800

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Ultrium 4


  • Up to 1.6TB capacity and 240MB/s transfer rate
  • Encryption capability enables hardware based writing of encrypted data to the LTO data cartridge, to protect sensitive information
  • Patented corrosion resistant Ceramic Armor metal particles provide superior data life
  • High coercivity micro-particles provide a high level of output; a superior signal-to-noise ratio; and a low, stable error rate
  • Advanced Dispersion Technology (ADT) for strong signal strength and consistent high-density recording
  • Ultra-thin coating eliminates magnetic interference while increasing signal clarity
  • Maxell High Precision Servo Track (HSPT) keeps servo tracks perfectly aligned for precise head tracking


  • Extremely smooth and rigid PEN base film provides stable and reliable data recording / playback
  • Proprietary cross linking binder structure provides superior tape strength
  • Advanced calendering ensures smooth and even tape with consistent tape to head contact for low error rate
  • Heavy duty cartridge and leader pin are tested at more than 20,000 load / unload cycles
  • The cartridge is rated for over 1 million head passes with a 30+ year storage life
  • Proprietary cartridge locking mechanism prevents tape movement and slack during transportation and storage
  • Cartridge semiconductor memory chip for high speed data searches and library cartridge management


With a storage capacity of 800 GB, the 4th generation LTO Ultrium 4 cartridge takes Maxell's NeoSMART technology to the next level, and satisfies the market demands for large capacity, high performance and reliable tape backup.


Farve Grøn
Type LTO Ultrium
Kassettebånd Ultrium 4
Lagringsmedie / Underkategori medier Bånd kassette
Komprimeret kapacitet 1638.4 GB
Antal medfølgende medier 1
Indbygget kapacitet 800 GB
Harddisk og lagring
Båndlængde 820 m
Service & Support
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