Microconnect Strømkabel

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EET Nordic is one of the largest distributors of IT peripheral products such as Memory, Storage, Back-up, Networking, multimedia products, options and spare parts.This product is designed for the following systems:Hewlett-Packard ADPTR, AC 120W PFC (376036-001);Hewlett-Packard AC-Adapter 135W (378768-001);Hewlett-Packard SPS-ADAPTER, PFC 135W, 3P (397803-001);Hewlett-Packard ADPTR AC 65W/PFC (319860-012);Compaq SPS-ADAPTER, AC/AUTO/AIR (366068-001);Hewlett-Packard UNIVERSAL POWERSUPPLY (Q2109-61230);Hewlett-Packard AC Adapter 120W PFC (394208-001).


Producent EET Nordic
Antal pakker 1
Produktserie MicroConnect
Type Power cable
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Længde 1.8 m
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